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coherence - SUM-MER opening edit

  s + m designs clean, organic, minimalistic unisex accessories including bowties, chokers and tattoo stickers. SUM-MER is the North American line under s + m. For their opening event, they wanted to relaunch some of the previous s + m products at SUM-MER.

  The theme of this edit is paillette. They want to keep the consistency of the clean style but in the mean time infuse irreverent wildness to the new line edit.

Full-width banner

  Giant full screen text background with a low-key font color blended with the transparent grey layer over the headline image. The title font color then produces a wild but mild contrast towards the affinity background layers.

Product stories 

  Elegant spacing and padding aligns with the vague emptiness theme of the edit, so do the font families. 

Theme-colored shop button

  Most pictures and font colors at this edit are greyish and low-saturated in order to create an effortless wear feel, but to add some energy, here we keep the shop button in the theme color of this edit. 

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