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UI/UX Design


If you're visiting this page on mobile but are expecting more details about the projects, please visit it on a desktop or tablet device.


Talky is an Android application for users to discuss hit topics, news, or any topic of interest. 

Theme color 

  Pick one theme color to avoid using too many different colors which may mess up the look of the app. Since the app always wants its user to pick a clear stand of each topic and then discuss, one theme color can imply the spirit of this app. That means, besides black and white, there is only one other color in the app.

Scroll and Swipe

  To view more topics or change to another categories, scroll and swipe the screen.

The look of a single topic

  To provide better view of the topic list, give each single topic image a wide aspect ratio and put the title on the bottom of the image with shadows behind.


Yijiao is an Android application for students and institutions to easily share resources and informations. I did all the design work of Yijiao in July 2015.


Below are some examples of the designs.

Design for Home

  Rather than a traditional, stereotyped education app look, the home of the app is designed more like a social app. As the goal of this app is to improve the methods students and institutions have to exchange information, the main function of the app is communication. Therefore I designed it with more social elements.

Design for Me

  Similiar to Home, Me is designed with some social elements as well. View your followed users' posts easily, manage your calendar and other elements related to your school work.

Screenshots of Other Mobile Apps


Anchor 1


Donote is an Android note application which provides multiple editing modes. The free mode gives user the ability to create and move objects everywhere on the screen. DoNote was published on several Android markets in China, and had been downloaded for over 100,000 times.


ViewSor is a mobile platform for users to exchange items and for handicrafters to promote and sell their products. 

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