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Design Portfolio


App store 4.9 ★★★★★ (83.4K ratings), highest ranking #21 (US), #1 (RU). 

An easy-to-use photo taking and retouching app. I joined the AirBrush team in September 2017, and worked on a wide spectrum of projects, varying from large complex projects including the optimized AirBrush camera experience, the filter store, and the launch of the AirBrush BLACK subscription, to regular monthly or bi-weekly new features including the Bokeh, Relight, Colors and Eraser feature in Tools section, as well as the refined Beauty Magic feature, and Matte & Highlighter feature in Retouch section.

#UI/UX Design #rapid prototyping #design system #usability tests #user research #interaction and visual design #localization

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The Colors Feature

The Colors feature is something that makes one color of your photo stands out and filters out the rest of the colors.

To make Colors both super easy-to-use and cool to the users without exposing its complexity to them, I used a solution that has the very same UI and UX as the AirBrush filterpack, something users are familiar with, instead of using the other 2 HSL-like iterations I had.

The feature is widely used, and participants from our user research found it cool and easy-to-use without understanding what it actually is. Most importantly, it's a paid feature, and it did bring in revenue and converted non-paying users to subscribers.

A prototype I used for usability tests as well as internal team communication

The Redesigned Camera Experience

The previous AirBrush camera had a bunch of complex features unorganized and confusing that user got lost.


To make the camera experience more intuitive, I made a few Origami prototypes and went out to conduct usability tests with people.I even made an onboarding with animated tutorials for the redesigned camera.

The percentage of users going to the camera on the landing page went up after the redesign, and most participants from our user research found it self-explanatory and easy-to-use. 

Camera onboarding prototype with animations

Camera prototype I used to conduct usability tests

The Smart Select Feature

The Smart Select tool lies inside the Bokeh feature (paid). It lets you adjust the areas you do not want to blur out so that you get a even better bokeh result.

Users select areas by brushing across the image, with options including erase, undo, redo, or hit Auto to simply go back to default. I made prototypes and tested them, making sure everything is self-explanatory and the little tooltip instructions appear at the right time.

We received a lot of user messages saying how much they like this feature (they'd been asking for a eraser tool for the Bokeh for a long time). And it did help converting users to subscribers.

A prototype I used to communicate to the dev team what the onboarding flow is like


App Store 4.8 ★★★★★ (847 ratings), highest category ranking #49, ARPDAU 0.09

I joined the team at DragonPlus SZ in March 2019 as a founding member. As the core designer at the team, I take full responsibility of designing our products, I create designs to both meet user needs and achieve business goals. So far we released 2 coloring apps Color Fever and Anime Paint, and are working on a brand new product.


#UI/UX Design #rapid prototyping #interaction and visual design #motion design #ux writing #user research #ux strategy

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Finishing An Image Flow

User enters the result page right after they have finished coloring an image. User wants to see their finished images and feel accomplished, and have options like save or share images. We want this page to be valuable to them so we can monetize it.

I used the first couple iterations to test out wether users like features like recommended images, and tested the layout of it. We validated our assumption with the prototypes and actual releases. The latest iteration is both celebrative and valuable to users.

The iteration of this flow helped us bring a more celebrative finishing experience to users, and in the meantime provide value to them so we could put ads in which helps with revenue.

Prototype for one of the early iterations

The Bucket Tool

The bucket tool lets you color all areas of a certain number with just one touch. 

Instead of using an onboarding to teach the users how to use, we tested prototypes with simple instructions being there every time you enable this tool.

I conducted user testing sessions (I even did it with my mom to see if it's too complicated for moms), and most people got the idea and figure out how to use it very quickly after they entered this tool, people didn't look at the instructions at all also got it when they saw the results after tapping on an area. Making the bucket tool easy-to-use helped with revenue since it's a product you have to purchase to use after using up all free ones.

Prototype for one of the solutions I had

The Monetization Popup System

The monetization related popup simply serves business goals. Users can get rewards from it too if they choose to watch an ad. 

Sacrificing a little bit of not-so-important usability here could be a huge help to monetization. So, unlike most traditional popups, these popups have a super prominent CTA button with breathe animation, usually it's a watch reward video button, and it's dismiss button always appears 3 seconds later than the other elements.

This increased the conversion rate significantly, and definitely helped a lot with the ads revenue.

Mockup video I made to demonstrate the CTA animation and the delay of the dismiss button


UI/UX Design, wireframe, prototyping, usability test, interaction and visual design.


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