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  s + m designs clean, organic, minimalistic unisex accessories including bowties, chokers and tattoo stickers. The team focuses mainly on the music festival and other handmade or vintage fairs market, but as the brand has grown a relatively larger fan base on the internet, they finally set the plan to launch an online shop as a place to share more product details and stories with the fans in addition to the socials.

  And again, they wanted their site to be clean, modern and minimalistic as their products.

Full-width headlined cover stories

Clean header with transparent menu

hovered menu

New in session at the homepage

Monthly edit

Collages of rockstar styles

Additional info at the footer

  The brand produces unique headlined stories each season and they want their fans be the first to know what's new with them. So a full-width cover image with the header menu bar on it would be a nice and elegant solution to that, it also fits the philosophy of the brand.

  The menu bar will only have a transparent background when hovered. And then the hidden submenu will be showed. This is to give the guests as little info as possible at the first glance, so they have the option to look at what's most attractive to them first. 

  Adding the new in session to the homepage helps the fans keep track of the new products. The round product view keeps the clean style as well as adds some diversity to the shapes of the page.

  The brand has monthly edits which are usually some trending styling tips or behind-the-scenes stories they'd like to share with the fans. These edits are regularly posted to their socials. So a small session of the monthly edits at the homepage will help engage the fans come from their socials. 

  The collages of people looking cool in the brand's products also engages fans and in the meantime encourages them to post pictures of their looks to the site. 










  The collages has a transparent peach-colored overlay on it to fit the tone of the whole site. But when a certain image is hovered or clicked, part the overlay will be removed in order to display a clear version of the picture.

  In addition to the socials, more detailed options are placed at the footer for the fans who want to know more about the brand and their products.

Shopping categories page

  4:3 ratio product picture. All pictures are colored to keep a consistent tone.

Product picture

  Use an elegant small dot as the color option indicator for each sticker product.

Small dot color option indicator


  Use the edit banner ad if this category is a specific edit, otherwise, use the banner for this category.

Category browsing menu

  Clean font with elegant spacing and minimal design.

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