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  A music mixing and sharing app with flexible input options and unlimited mixing choices.

If you're visiting this page on mobile but are expecting more details about the projects, please visit it on a desktop or tablet device.

Modern and minimalist design for cool music fans 

  As a music app which targets to these cool music fans, VoiSor has a modern and minimalist interface with neon blue as theme color, to embrace the EDM styled.interface.

Focus and blur effect interactions

  Using focus and blur to highlight the current activity in order to avoid too much information in a single interface. In the meantime, design the UI elements in a simple and "electronic" way to appeal cool kids.

Simple multitrack mixing view

  Instead of having a traditional complex multitrack editing view with a large number of functions, we've limited options here with clean and intuitive interactions indicated.

Prototyping Process

high-level flow

paper prototypes

1st round feedback

Playtested with clients/team as well as general playtesters who participate in our paper playtests

high-level wireframes

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