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About Me​​

Hi there! My name is Emily Zhou, a Beijing-based UX designer who cares about and advocates for the people and the planet.

I've worked at both big corporate design teams and small start-up I co-founded with others. I love the products I work on, and care about the Users and the people I work with. It's all about designing delightful user experiences ;)


When not designing, I love to create and build things. I create bowties, chokers, immersive experiences and games, installations, documentaries, and music. I’m also a writer on Medium, I like to share my experience creating design systems, using the tools, and helping the team grow.


I started researching and diving deep into environmental issues we are facing in 2020, and have been doing whatever I can to advocate for the planet leveraging my design expertise. Feel free to check out my green blog for the work I've done.

Neon Blue Design

Thanks for sharing! : )

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