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Rose-colored glasses

  This is a piece of work inspired by the Cuba trip, specifically the colors of the city Camagüey. The color red was everywhere around the city, not only the architecture, but also people's outfits. It was impressive, so I picked the color red as the topic of my personal project, and made a Camagüey remix version of one of my previous songs as the score to the project.

#editing #originalmusic #whitebalancing

#coloring #shooting #postproduction


  This is a montage of a bunch of street shots we got in Camagüey. 

#editing #whitebalancing #coloring #shooting #postproduction #audiorecording

Have A Nice Day

Have a nice day

Have a nice day

  This is a music video assignment of our Visual Story class. The boy was a very popular host before. He left his host club when in love with a girl. As time goes by, he felt he missed his golden age a lot, so he left the girl and made a decision to go back to the host life. But he's getting old and not beautiful any more, it was hard for him to find a new host club which can hire him. While he was looking for his golden age, the girl was preparing something to surprise him......

#editing #storyboarding #whitebalancing

#coloring #story



Air Doll

Air doll

  Air Doll is a short film about two abandoned air dolls in 3001. 

  Year 2050, human invented real intelligent dolls driven by high-oxygen-content inflation gas. The windups were endowed with partial emotion, just like their master. However, they were soon archived due to the hazard rising from their unprecedented talen. Year 3001, the environment encountered air deterioration, followed by a severe drop of oxygen level and major depopulation. Most people die. The remained few retreated to the Castle, the only sanctuary. People struggled to survive, yet failed to persist. Hope faded... when some were reminded of the long deprecated dolls and the oxygen within their bodies...

#editing #script #whitebalancing

#coloring #sounddesign #postproduction


  Rainbow is an editing assignment of our Visual Story class. We were given bunch of rough footages and were supposed to use some of these footages to create something. 

  Inspired by the song, I picked some special footages which seemed symbolic and metaphorical, cut them together to convey the feeling of struggling, the hesitation of risking, and the desire for indulging.

#editing #whitebalancing #coloring 


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