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My name is Emily, a motivated, logical, and passionate user experience designer who cares about and advocates for the people and the planet. 

I have 4 years of experience working at both tech giants' design teams and small start-up I co-founded, leading the creative process while meeting business goals - from conception and directing design strategy, to delivering well-documented journey maps, user flows, design docs and more.

📍  based out of Beijing

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Amazon Seller Central web and mobile experiences

End-to-end solutions to solve complex Seller problems.

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App store 4.9 ★★★★★ (98K ratings), highest ranking #21 (US), #1 (RU), 8m MAU.

An easy-to-use photo editing app.

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Color Fever

App Store 4.8 ★★★★★ (1.3k ratings), ARPDAU 0.09

A digital coloring-book experience.

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Anime Paint

App Store 4.8 ★★★★★ (1.3k ratings), ARPDAU 0.12

An anime-themed digital coloring-book experience.

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The Preview & Save Experience

The previous preview & save experience in AirBrush camera received plenty of complaints from users about being confused whether their photos had been saved.


I created an intuitive step-by-step preview & save flow, with the final step guiding users directly to retouching the photo they’ve just taken. The picture saving rate went up significantly after the redesign, and what’s more exciting was, a promising portion of users entered Retouch from this flow.

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Prototype of an early iteration


The Colors Project

Colors is a photo editing feature in the AirBrush app. I was responsible for designing the feature from scratch. To make it both easy-to-use and cool to the users without revealing the complicated photography knowledge behind, I used a solution that has identical UI and UX to the AirBrush filters - something users are familiar with, and in the meantime easy to implement.


As a result, the feature is widely used, and since it’s a paid feature, it converted and is still converting users to subscribers.

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Prototype of the final solution


The Smart Select Tool

Since the launch of the Bokeh feature in AirBrush, users had been constantly asking for a eraser for the Bokeh feature to make it even more perfect.


Therefore I designed this Smart Select tool as an addition to the Bokeh feature. Besides the eraser (reducing blur areas) they asked for, I put tools that lets them add blur areas, undo & redo their edits, and revert to default effect with one-click. The Smart Select tool increased the conversion rate of the Bokeh feature, and users keep sending us messages saying how much they like it.

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Prototype and mockup for the flow


The AirBrush UI Kit

I built a design system for the AirBrush app when I was at the team, to improve design and engineering communication, as well as create a guideline for the in-app visual & interaction standards, communications and accessibility.

Click the "Learn More" button to see more details of the project, or see my Medium posts about design systems and the project:

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The use of the design template for AirBrush features


Finishing An Image Flow

To make the finishing image flow in Color Fever valuable to both users and us, I explored the solutions with the product team, tested them out and iterated, till we finally found a solution that serves the scenario, meets user's needs, and is able to encourage them to start next flow right away or stay on this page to browse recommended images.


Because the session durations for this page was very noticeably increase, we were able to put monetization in, which generated revenue streams.

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Mockup of an early iteration for partial experience


The Bucket Tool

Bucket is a tool that helps user color faster. Because it’s not something every coloring book lover is familiar with, our goal was to make it intuitive and easy-to-use without lengthy tutorials. I explores several solutions, and discussed with team about how easy to implement the solutions were and did usability tests to validate if they were usable and hassle-free. The final solution we chose helped with revenue because it’s a paid tool.

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Prototype of one of the solutions I brought up to the team


Monetization-related Designs

As the core designer and co-founder of the team, I design for conversion. While my previous experiences focused more on meeting user needs, this time I paid more attention to converting customers. Working with the product & marketing team on measuring and analyzing the data from the funnels, we created a monetization design system with interactions and interfaces designed to achieve monetization goals without being too annoying to users.


For example, all the reward video related designs have a less noticeable dismiss button, or only display it after 3s, and in the meantime the CTA button is displayed with breathe and flashing animation.

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One of the monetization related popups


View Outdated Projects

Featuring visual designs from a while ago.

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