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App store 4.9 ★★★★★ (83.4K ratings), highest ranking #21 (US), #1 (RU), 8m MAU.

I joined the AirBrush team in September 2017. As the only designer of the team, I led major redesigns such as the redesign of the camera experience, as well as designed and shipped new features like the AirBrush BLACK subscription and other regular new features. 

Visual Design
Interaction Design
User Research
UX Writing
Design System
AB banner (1).jpg

Interested in seeing more AirBrush projects I worked on? Download AirBrush and check it out! Here's a complete list of features or redesigns I did for AirBrush:

  • The app onboarding slides

  • AirBrush homepage (redesigned)

  • AirBrush camera (plus preview & save experience after taking a photo)

  • Feature onboarding (overlay with videos)

  • Sculpt (Retouch)

  • Highlighter (Retouch)

  • Matte (Retouch)

  • Glitter (Retouch)

  • Bokeh (Tools)

  • Relight (Tools)

  • Colors (Tools)

  • Eraser (Tools)

  • My Look (Makeup)

  • Download makeups (Makeup)

  • Filter store (Filter)

  • Filterpack redesign (AirBrush Android)

  • Save & share feed

  • AirBrush subscription (subs page & everything)

  • The brand style (new look, new app icon, etc.)

  • In-app graphics (filter model images, filter promo images, user research related graphics)

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