App store 4.9 ★★★★★ (83.4K ratings), highest ranking #21 (US), #1 (RU), 8m MAU.

I joined the AirBrush team in September 2017. As the core designer or most time the only designer of the team, I've led major redesigns such as the redesign of the camera experience, as well as designed and shipped new features like the AirBrush BLACK subscription and other regular new features (see a complete list of features and redesigns I did for AirBrush below). Besides visual & interaction design, I was also responsible of planning, conducting user research and coordinating localization.

Visual Design
Interaction Design
User Research
UX Writing

Features with Simplified Controls (More Projects)


Besides Colors, here are some more examples of how I simplified the interaction to make pro features end up being easy-to-use and even popular features in AirBrush.

Relight & Eraser

Relight: Facetune 2 has the exact same feature with even better effects. However, it's even too pro for heavy photography app users like me and my friend - we don't know what all these controls mean. So, for AirBrush, considering the not perfect effect we got in hand, I designed our Relight feature almost a one-tap experience: you adjust the light source with your finger, and you adjust the intensity of the light by adjusting the slider, and that's it, nothing else to think about.

Eraser: Again, competitors have similar features like "Patch" or "Healing". A lot of them require you to select another part of the photo to patch the areas or objects in the photo you want to get rid of. This is hard. Considering the technology we have, I made it just like an eraser in the real world: you want to get rid of something, you erase it with the eraser (brush across it). Plus, if you want to erase an extra large or small object, you can adjust the size of the eraser.


Interested in seeing more AirBrush projects I worked on? Download AirBrush and check it out! Here's a complete list of features or redesigns I did for AirBrush:

  • The app onboarding slides

  • AirBrush homepage (redesigned)

  • AirBrush camera (plus preview & save experience after taking a photo)

  • Feature onboarding (overlay with videos)

  • Sculpt (Retouch)

  • Highlighter (Retouch)

  • Matte (Retouch)

  • Glitter (Retouch)

  • Bokeh (Tools)

  • Relight (Tools)

  • Colors (Tools)

  • Eraser (Tools)

  • My Look (Makeup)

  • Download makeups (Makeup)

  • Filter store (Filter)

  • Filterpack redesign (AirBrush Android)

  • Save & share feed

  • AirBrush subscription (subs page & everything)

  • The brand style (new look, new app icon, etc.)

  • In-app graphics (filter model images, filter promo images, user research related graphics)