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Newsletter Template Design for

The Capitol Music Group

This is the project I did during my summer internship at Capitol in 2016. I was a intern at the digital marketing department. My task was to find smart technical solutions to deal with people's pain points there. So after interviewed dozens of people in the Capitol tower, we decided to refine and make some templates for the newsletters of labels and artists under Capitol umbrella which didn't look cool at that time.

I redesigned the interface of some of those newsletters, and coded some useful HTML templates in the company’s Marketing Cloud system for the digital marketing people who doesn't know how to code. Since these templates are also important interface for internal use, I carefully designed the interface to make it as intuitive as possible. In the meantime, I made a few documentations for them so people can always have a paper instruction of how to use these templates, especially people who's new there and needs trainings. 

The label HARVEST, BLUE NOTE and ASTRALWERKS have officially started using these new templates. I also helped with the Katy Perry song Rise releasing email, providing tech support.

Newsletter Interface Designed

email design

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giant logo​

light menu button

upper and bottom border lined category 

full-screen giant image

modern clean overlay

minimalist stroke button with elegant text spacing

email template

Internal Templates Interface

menu input options (up to 4 menu buttons)

image input

title section with overlay indication

link button input

has precoded models with designed style

has precoded models with designed style

has precoded models with designed style

has precoded models with designed style

pre-coded header for each label

category input section (border lines precoded, appear after input text)

created 3 docs for tech/non-tech person's future use

  • covers details about retrieving a saved model, customizing/modifying the model and changing the design or content of the precoded sections

  • introduces useful basic code snippets 

  • has detailed code structure information and quick solutions to find the section needs to be updated

email docs

Documentation Snapshots

snapshots of the docs

email sent out

Snapshots of Emails Sent Out

BLUE NOTE newsletter made using those new templates, sent out in July, 2016

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