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Finishing An Image Flow

The design of the finishing an image flow for app Color Fever & Anime Paint

Platform: iOS & Android

My Role: the only designer

Timeframe: 1 month

Visual Design, Interaction Design, User Research

cover result.png

To make the finishing image flow valuable to both users and us, I explored the solutions with the product team, tested them out and iterated, till we finally found a solution that serves the scenario, meets user's needs, and is able to encourage them to start next flow right away or stay on this page to browse recommended images. Because the session durations for this page was very noticeably increase, we were able to put monetization in, which generated revenue streams.

What is it?

User enters the result page right after they have finished coloring an image. User wants to see their finished images and feel accomplished, and have options like save or share images. We want this page to be valuable to them so we can monetize it.


Figure 1: Anime Paint finishing an image replay & result page

Recommended Images

We wanted this page to be valuable to users so we have to create real value here. And we were so into the idea of making this little community into a Netflix for coloring books, so we wanted to try recommendations, but smaller - we assume if a user likes an image, there is a possibility that they would like more images in this specific category. So I used the first couple iterations to test out wether users like features like recommended images, and tested the layout of it. We validated our assumption with the prototypes and actual releases. 

Result Page.jpg
Entered right after completion - by # fi

Figure 2: Early iterations & versions

The Flow

We then realize it was supposed to be a gamified experience and the finishing moment is very essential and should be celebrative enough. So it was not just the pages, the visuals, but also the entire flow: from the moment user taps the last area on the image, to leaving the result page. So we reviewed the entire flow and created a brand new finishing an image experience.

Figure 3: Prototype for one of the early iterations

Interested in learning more about the products and the projects I did at DragonPlus?

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