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Monetization-Related Designs

Color Fever & Anime Paint

Platform: iOS & Android

My Role: the only designer

Timeframe: long term

Visual Design, Interaction Design

cover monetization.png

Why design to support monetization?

As the core designer and co-founder of the team, I design for conversion. While my previous experiences focused more on meeting user needs, this time I paid more attention to converting customers. Working with the product & marketing team on measuring and analyzing the data from the funnels, we created a monetization design system with interactions and interfaces designed to achieve monetization goals without being too annoying to users. For example, I gave all the reward video related designs a less noticeable dismiss button, or only display it after 3s, and in the meantime gave the CTA button some breathe and flashing animation to highlight the reward.

The Gacha Experience

In Anime Paint, users try their luck and gacha fancy images to color (or to just keep a collection) in the Gacha page.


Since it's a "Feeling Lucky" kind of thing, it needs to be real exciting, not a boring tap a button and see results right away experience. So I put a lot motion in it. The visual design off the page is also a bit fancier than other pages - because users come here for surprises and fun.​

Figure 1: Gacha experience video mockup

The Monetization Popup System

Monetization popups are used mostly for reward videos: user can choose to watch an ad to get rewards like premium images or free tools.


Monetization popups simply serves business goals and users benefit from it too. Allowing ourselves to be a little bit annoying to users could be a huge help to monetization. So, unlike most traditional popups, these popups have a super prominent CTA button with breathe animation, usually it's a watch reward video button, and it's dismiss button always appears 3 seconds later than the other elements.

Figure 2: Daily gift box

View more of my animations at:

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