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The Bucket Tool

The design of a tool for coloring for the app Color Fever & Anime Paint

Platform: iOS & Android

My Role: the only designer

Timeframe: 1 week

Visual Design, Interaction Design, User Research

cover bucket.png

Bucket is a tool that helps user color faster. Because it’s not something every coloring book lover is familiar with, our goal was to make it intuitive and easy-to-use without lengthy tutorials. I explores several solutions, and discussed with team about how easy to implement the solutions were and did usability tests to validate if they were usable and hassle-free. The final solution we chose helped with revenue because it’s a paid tool.

What is it?

The bucket tool lets you color all areas of a certain number with just one touch.

Figure 1: Prototype for one of the solutions

The Instructions

Bucket is not a tool that every single coloring book game in this world has, so users might appreciate some instructions. Instead of using an onboarding to teach the users how to use, we tested prototypes with simple instruction bubbles being there every time you enable this tool.

I conducted user testing sessions (I even did it with my mom to see if it's too complicated for moms), and most people got the idea and figure out how to use it very quickly after they entered this tool, people didn't look at the instructions at all also got it when they saw the results after tapping on an area. Making the bucket tool easy-to-use helped with revenue since it's a product you have to purchase to use after using up all free ones.

Interested in learning more about the products and the projects I did at DragonPlus?

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